Free and paid version

Crystal offers a free plan and a premium plan.

  1. Solo : this plan is meant for those of you that want to map your organization. It is restricted to one registered user, but you can document users without inviting them to the team.
  2. Team : this plan is meant for teams who wish to personnalize, collaborate and automate Crystal. It is perfect for teams who thrive on transparency and on a distributed governance.

For more information, check out our pricing page.

Here, a table with the main features for each plan : 

Solo plan Team plan
Member(s) 1 Unlimited members
Ownerships Unlimited Unlimited
Ownership map
Ownership documentation 
Basic checkup
Map export 
Slack notifications 
Member directory
Team metrics
Google drive integration
Ownership newsfeed
Personalized homepage
Weekly email digest
šŸš§Zapier integration
šŸš§Custom checkup

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