The dashboard allows you to understand and assess the health of your organisation in order to take the good decisions. 

It’s a powerful tool that provides you with 2 types of data : 

  • A static picture of your organisation right now  
  • A dynamic trend of your organisation since it’s creation 
  •  Global view
  • Ownerships 
  • Roles 
  • Checkup

The data you’ll find in the dashboard is not gathered there to monitor and shame your team. It was built as an help to finally have a clear picture of your organisation and identify the strengths and weaknesses in order to improve the way you collectively work.  

Global view

This dashboard provides you with an overall comprehension of your organisation with some of the major data highlighted : 

  • Number of Ownerships
  • Number of resources added
  • Number of team members 
  • Number of members of your organisation that have an Owner’s role 
  • Number of members of your organisation that have an Contributor’s role
  • Percentage of your organisation which is poorly organized  


In this category you will find very useful data to evaluate your governance and in particular the distribution of responsibilities. For instance you will be able to evaluate the proportion of Ownerships without Owner, Contributor or any resource documented and take the needed actions. 

The graph “Evolution of the number of Ownerships” gives you some perspective of the evolution of your organisation : 

  • Have you grown your business and therefore expanded the number of Ownerships
  • Have you decided to focus on strategic opportunities and therefore decreased the number of Ownerships
  • Have you distributed the roles more precisely to make the organisation gain velocity and autonomy 

These data should not be seen as a controlling tool but as an help to understand and act accordingly. 


This category provides you with detailed information on roles and responsibilities in your organisation. You get a perspective on : 

  • The team’s average contributions and Ownerships : to help you understand the level of focus 
  • Every team member’s staffing and focus : how many Ownership do they lead or contribute to ? If they are Owner 5 times and contribute to 10 Ownership, they might struggle to achieve their objectives… 
  • The evolution throughout time of the roles and responsibilities 


The data you can find in this category was gathered in order to give you an easy understanding of your organisation’s health. 

With the Crystal team members, we defined a set of criteria we consider critical to make sure your organisation is efficient : power is sufficiently distributed, Owners are clearly identified, Ownerships are staffed, resources are easily accessible, etc. You can find in this article the 6 criteria that apply to every Ownership.

The data exposed in this category offers an instant picture of the strengths and weaknesses of your organisation : 

  • Ownership with excellent organization 
  • Ownerships with medium organisations 
  • Ownerships with poor organisation 

By clicking on “See Ownership” you access directly to a filtered list of these Ownerships in order to explore more deeply the reasons for improvement and with whom it should be discussed with (ex. The Owner).

The graph “History of Ownership organization” gives your a time-based perspective of the health of your team. You can easily see if the team members have been taking action to absorb organizational debt. 

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