Checkup: evaluate your organization

What is checkup?

Checkup is a feature that helps you evaluate the health of your organization following the best practices that can be observed on the market. 

How does it work?

Checkup is based on a set of 6 criteria that function as checkpoints. Every Ownership of your organization is evaluated continuously to help you identify what could be done better, where a problem could occur, etc. It’s not a blocking feature, it’s only giving you indications on what could be improved. The subsequent decisions, are all yours! 

What are the criteria? 

  • An Owner is identified: it is critical if you want to move forward to have someone clearly identified 
  • Contributors are identified: to go faster, you’d better build a diverse team 
  • Less than 8 Contributors (#pizza teams) to maximize contribution while keeping a low coordination cost 
  • The Ownership description is filled in: why, how and what this Ownership is about must be written down to avoid redundancy, useless Ownerships to stay in the organization
  • At least 1 resource is documented: people need to be able to find the key resources easily either to contribute or just to collect relevant information to their own Ownerships

Where can we find Checkup? 

Checkup is deeply part of Crystal, therefore you can find it in several locations of the user journey: 

  • In every Ownership: a dedicated tab allows you to easily see where the improvements can be made 

  • In the Ownership map: you can see in 2 sec. the Ownership status  
  • In the dashboard: a global checkup on top, and checkup by ownership below

  • In your Home page: including the evolution of your ownerships organization
  • In the Ownership list: where you can even filter your ownerships by checkup status

Can I adapt the criteria to my organization? 

Not yet! But we’re thinking about it, so don’t hesitate to write to us to let us know what would work better for you! 

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