This short article will give you all the information you need to create or interact with a changelog.

What is a changelog? 

A changelog allows you to describe any change you have made regarding an Activity, so that each member of the team can understand any change on any Activity. 

How can I add a changelog to an activity? 

First, there are different ways to start creating a changelog:

  • Directly in the changelogs page tab by clicking on “Add a changelog

  • Within the Activity infopanel, in the dedicated Changelog Tab

  • Within your Homepage, you can directly choose to add a changelog in 1 of your Activities

Once you’ve clicked on “ Add a changelog” the Changelog form opens, asking you to fill in the following information : 

  • Activity: a changelog has to be linked to an Activity to be created. If you created it directly in the infopanel of via the homepage, this field is automatically pre-filled.
  • Title : what is this changelog about? 
  • Date : the current date is pre-filled but you can edit it if needed
  • Team mood: How would you describe the mood of the team working on the changelog? 
  • Changes description : explain the breaking changes that you want the whole team to be informed about : decisions taken, key actions realized, etc. You can write Changelog in markdown.

Where can I explore the changelogs? 

There are also several ways to read your team’s changelogs: 

  • On your homepage in the Newsfeed “Last updates
  • On every Activities’ Changelog 
  • In the general Newsfeed 
  • In your Crystal Slack Channel if you plugged Crystal and Slack together
  • In the Changelogs feature : your search can be more accurate as you can filter changelogs by author, publication date, Activity. 
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