Connect Crystal to Slack

Crystal is an organization tool so it’s essential that it can be linked to your team or company Slack.

To achieve that, you need to head to the teams home: click on the Crystal logo - top left. Then enter in the parameters of the team that you wish to link to Slack 

Then, you’ll need to follow Slack’s guide to create incoming webhooks to connect Crystal to your Slack.

⚠️Before starting, make sur that you are administrator to the workspace of your Slack Team. 

In the page " Sending messages using Incoming Webhooks", click on the button "Create your Slack app"


Then, fill in the form with the name of your app and the workspace of your team


3. Once the app created, you have to choose to add the feature "Incoming Webhook"


Activate the toggle button "Incoming Webhook" and after click on the button "Add New Webhook to workspace"


A page for authorization appears. Choose a channel and submit the form. 


In the Incoming Webhook page, a new webhook url is available : 


Copy and paste the link in the Crystal settings

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