Cluster display

Your organization, as complex as it can be, needs to be understood at a glance. To this end, we developed 2 displays on the map:

  • The cluster map
  • The circular map

Here we’ll handle the cluster map.

The cluster map allows you to understand at a glance the pillars of your organization. Thanks to this map display, you’ll quickly be able to check which Ownerships have a lot of parent Ownerships, or a few.

This difference will maybe push you to give more detail on some Ownerships of your organization. Or maybe to focus on the Ownerships that already involve a great part of your company in allowing more Contributors to it.

How to: “cluster display”?

It’s pretty easy to switch to the ”cluster display“, you only need to click the “Cluster” button in the “Change display” bar. 

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