Activities list

This feature allows you to have a different visions of your organisation from the one offered by the map. Indeed, the different filters will enable you to choose your analysis orientation and bring you very detailed information very quickly.  

Starting point, a complete list of your team’s Ownership and their main characteristics: 

  • Ownership’s name 
  • Checkup status
  • Owner’s name
  • Contributors’ picture 
  • Last update

How can you use this feature? 

  • You can use the search bar to find something precise you have in mind
  • You can use the toggles to filter on your Ownerships only (the ones you lead and the one you contribute to) and/or archived Ownerships 
  • You can use the specific filters to have a selection by : Member, Owner, Parent, Checkup, Last update
  • You can cumulate several filters and toggles and reset to 0 to readjust your search!
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