Creating my team's Activities

Well done! You’ve just created your first map! 

Now, you’re facing the first central Activity of your map named after your company/team’s name.

This Activity will be the central point of your map, from which the other Activities will spread. Start by creating the Activities of your first circle. What do we mean by “1st circle”? These are the main activities of your organization (can be directed towards external clients such as customer success, sales, ops as well as internal users such as human resources for instance.)

To create an Activity, it’s really easy: 

  • Click on “Add an Activity” on the top-right of the screen
  • Fill the Activity's information fields that allow to define and organise your Activity within the map 
    • Name: giving an explicit name is critical for people to easily spot what this Activity is about
    • Parent activity: this criteria defines the position of your Activity within the map. It is an Activity part of another one, meaning it inherits its vision but needs to have an autonomous scope given its role and importance. If you don’t select any parent activity, the central point will be selected by default as the parent activity you are creating 
    • Color: the color can be a really helpful visual tool to understand the structure of your organization. See an example below!

We know it: setting up the first map is actually not easy! 

How to do it? We recommend that you start by creating all the key Activities that matter to your organization and represent a significant time invested. This first draft will allow you to realize: 

  • What can be missing to be truly representative of your team’s organization
  • What should be delegated as 1 single Activity might not be enough to represent the complexity of a topic
  • If an Activity is redundant 

You can map your team alone gradually and collect feedback from your teammates or build it from scratch with them! At the end, your Crystal map must represent your team’s organization in its current state. It is a strong picture of your team’s priorities and organization. You can tell what your team does and what it doesn’t have in its scope. 

If you want to easily share your map to your team before onboarding them on Crystal or to external partners, follow this article.

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